The New Beginning

The New Beginning

January 31, 2021 | Levi Gause, Pastor

Passage: Genesis 8:1-22

Today we emerge with Noah from the ark into a new world and a new beginning. Though these stories in the Old Testament are actual history--that is, they are not myth but actual historic occurrences-- they are also prototypes of the spiritual history each of us experience. In other words, we reproduce these stories in the course of our spiritual pilgrimage. Since this is so, then every detail of these stories is highly significant to us.

Flood is also a picture of smaller events of our lives which involve a crisis of judgment and a new beginning. Such events occur all the time in Christian experience. This reduplication is the way nature functions also. We know that the smallest atom is built along the general pattern of the whole solar system. God reproduces in miniature in the atom what he writes large across the great wheeling canvas of space. So, in these stories of the Old Testament are reproduced the great crisis experiences of our spiritual pilgrimage, and also the miniature crises that occur.

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