The Devastation of Hypocrisy

The Devastation of Hypocrisy

September 19, 2021 | Levi Gause, Pastor

Passage: Romans 2:17-24

Potato chips bags these days are about one-fourth chips and three-fourths air.  The potato chip companies can say it’s a bag, call it a bag, and advertise it as a bag.  But if you pay for a bag, you will get much less than what you bargained for.

We have too many potato chip Christians today.  There are too many Christians who are half saved and half worldly.  You open them up and they are full of air.

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We need a standard in our world today. A standard that even if you have not met it, you are ascending toward it. You don't want to lower the goal and then claim to be able to dunk. You want to keep that goal 10 high and grow up to or be able to spring up to your ability to dunk because you are convicted that the standard needs to remain high and consistent. Become a Christian of conviction. Find out what God says, how God feels, what God thinks and what you ought to do. Then go for it. And you will find out that people will be drawn to your righteous convictions and so will the Lord.

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