Race Relations and God

Race Relations and God

July 12, 2020 | Levi Gause, Pastor

Passage: Acts 17:26

Myths are interesting realities. They are traditions passed down over time; accepted as true, even though there may be no scientific or historical evidence for their reality. They get traction when they are given false information that sounds true. What really gives power to a myth is theology. When you can give God as a verification of a myth, what you have done is underscored it with the divine and who can argue with God?

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The issue of race has dominated this America for hundreds of years, since its inception. Our inability to resolve and solve this challenge has been an asterisk on an otherwise impeccable reputation for our country. Divisions show up in race and class and culture that has created wars, created internal conflicts, family divisions, riots and all manner of other expressions of this horrible divide.

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