Race Relations in the Church

The issue of race has dominated this America for hundreds of years, since its inception. Our inability to resolve and solve this challenge has been an asterisk on an otherwise impeccable reputation for our country. Divisions show up in race and class and culture that has created wars, created internal conflicts, family divisions, riots and all manner of other expressions of this horrible divide.

Marriage and Family

Marriage and family is key to the advancement of God's Kingdom throughout the world. Your participation in God's definition of "covenant" will open the windows of heaven for your legacy.

Trust God's Promises

We have been called to walk closely with the Creator of the universe and rely fully on the Holy Spirit. It is all a matter of trust. Trust in Him as he calls us to be the light of the world.

Mother's Day

The saga of a nation is the saga of its families written large. And whoever owns the family owns the future. Tony Evans


What is your response when there is an interruption of the normal course of things? Have you ever stopped to say about the chaotic changes that leave you dumbfounded, "What in the world is going on?" "What is God saying to us?" 

Fulfilling Your Life's Mission

Your mission in life is important. Do you know what it is? How clearly do others see you for what you say you are? It would be a tragedy to have lived your life and missed your goal.


We struggle not just with external challenges but with internal challenges and, yes, with what the Bible calls sin. This struggle raises some questions...

Summer Series

Get any group of people together long enough and they will develop a culture. They will develop patterns, traditions, values and goals.