The Test of Our Higher Standards

If you are really serious about being a person of convictions, that means you must be a person of standards. You have got to have the right standard to be convicted about. If you follow the wrong crowd, and they give you the wrong standard, you may have conviction, but you are convicted in the wrong direction. So, let's get something straight, if you want the right standard, you must have the right standard bearer.

The Test of Our Greater Convictions

We need a standard in our world today. A standard that even if you have not met it, you are ascending toward it. You don't want to lower the goal and then claim to be able to dunk. You want to keep that goal 10 high and grow up to or be able to spring up to your ability to dunk because you are convicted that the standard needs to remain high and consistent. Become a Christian of conviction. Find out what God says, how God feels, what God thinks and what you ought to do. Then go for it. And you will find out that people will be drawn to your righteous convictions and so will the Lord.


God and government is both the opportunity and responsibility to partner with God for the expansion of His rule in society, through civil government. The further God is removed from the life of an individual, from the life of a family, from the life of a church and from the life and definition of a citizenry, or a society, the more chaotic those entities become.